Students dine together at Corbett Center Crossroads

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Everything you need to know about dining on campus... Meal plans, what's open, menus, events and more.

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Students study together at Pinon Hall

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Field view at Fulton Bistro

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Discover conference services at NMSU. Plan your next event with our team of experts.



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Need help with your to-do list or to enhance your experience while at NMSU? Circles Concierge is ready to assist.


Call center

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Your one call campus resource. Call 575-646-2418 if you are needing information on Parking, ID Card Services, Meal Plans, Transportation, Residential IT, Campus Vending, Laundry and House Cleaning Services and more! Available Monday through Friday from 8am to 5pm.

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NMSU Catering is committed to making your event a success. Our team of catering professionals is available to assist you with planning every aspect of your event. Our culinary team has designed a variety of menus to fit a wide range of tastes and budgets, including regional ingredients, university favorites and specialty items.

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